Using tab to go from field to field in Omnifocus for IOS

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I’m loving Omnifocus for iPad, but i can’t find a way to switch fields with the Keyboard in IOS. Is there a shortcut for this, which I just missed?

I would like to be able to operate Omnifocus on IOS without the need to take my hands of the Keyboard.

This would be a great addition. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to email the Omni Group at to request this enhancement.

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Thanks, I’ll do that.

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I was just creating a new post when I found this one. Like the OP, I recently learned from Omni Support (who promptly and courteously responded to my inquiry) that there is currently no way to us the Tab key on a connected keyboard (iPad) to quickly move to the next item on the Info tab on iOS. That is, when I am adding information to the “Projects”, “Tags”, “Defer Until”, “Due”,etc. sections on Mac, I can simply hit tab to go to the next section. On iOS, hitting tab on the connected keyboard seems to do nothing, and one has to physically reach up and select the next section with your finger. This seems likes such a straightforward and needed cross-platform function, I was surprised it was missing. Anyway, the Support Person indicated she would add this to a feature request for future consideration. As with many things in life, I suspect the more people ask for this function the greater the likelihood it will be implemented. Therefore if this is something you have ever wanted or think would be beneficial, please take a minute and submit a feature request.

Thank you!

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