Using ‘waiting for’ or ‘liaise with’ tags to manage people

Does anyone have any advise on using tags to manage either ‘waiting for’ or ‘liaise with’ statuses against individuals.

I currently have this setup for people tags but are open to switching:

  • Person 1
    • Waiting For
    • Liaise With
  • Person 2
    • Waiting For
    • Liaise With
  • etc.

I want to be able to setup a few perspectives and possibly exclude the waiting for tags from some of my other perspectives:

  • Waiting For - all waiting for tagged items
  • Liaise With - similar to above

Also from the built-in Tags view I will be able to view both tag types agains a person prior to meeting with them.

Thoughts and advice is welcomed!

Is each of these a tag? If so, why build them hierarchically?

I just have 1) tags for people & 2) tags for waiting. Any task that requires input from a particular person gets tagged with their tag. Anything I’m waiting on gets a waiting tag.

Yes, each is a tag.

Ideally I want the option of grouping tasks by a person (waiting for and liaise with) however if I don’t setup the tags in a hierarchy, I assume I can’t achieve this?

I just have a tag for each person and one tag for waiting. It’s easy to see everything for a particular person just by using their tag whether or not they also have the waiting tag.

Then you can separately search for everything on the waiting tag regardless of the person.

No, tags free you from hierarchy. I’d recommend playing with perspectives a bit - you can create a perspective for a person tag then group actions by tags and you’ll get all the tasks for that person & waiting together.

And you’ll still be able to set up a waiting perspective for everything you’ve tagged waiting regardless of who or what you are waiting for.

I have a tag for each person and a general waiting for tag.
My perspectives then sort by tag (if and when needed)

Also I don’t always tag a waiting for… item with a person’s name, for me these have a different meaning. Waiting for is a parking spot I review once a week. My agenda list I review almost every day/hour.

I will however put the date + name of the person in the task description that I tag with waiting for.

Too complicated :-)

I have a tag for a person, and a single ‘waiting’ task. That way, when you search for a person tag, you can see anything you want to talk to them about, and when you’re waiting, you can also check all of those items at the same time by checking that tag.

If you wanted to say “things I’m waiting to talk to Bob about” specifically, you’d need to create a perspective, but it’s pretty easy to just get the whole list and select the one you want to focus on in the sidebar.

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