UX Kits Omni UI Kit

Hello there!
I use the latest Omnigraffle Standard version and everytime I download the »UX Kits Omni UI Kit« I get the following error message » The document “UX Kits Omni UI Kit.gstencil” could not be opened. If this document was created by a newer version of OmniGraffle, it may use a format that this version of OmniGraffle does not understand.«

This is odd as I use the latest version 7.17.5 (v203.12.0). Any tips?


Check where the stencils need to be stored. Easy way to locate is (with Stencils open) click on the gear symbol by a stencil library and choose “Show in Finder.” That will get you to the directory where you can put the stencil file.

Note: I have not done it this way. I created my own stencil resource file and OG keeps track of the resource.

The help file has:

“This downloads the stencil from Stenciltown and makes it available with all of the other OmniGraffle stencils on your Mac. Once downloaded, drag the stencil to the canvas.”

thanks for the reply. normally you can install stencils by double-clicking like I did OR by doing it your way. Either way it did not work. Now I can find the stencil in the stencil drawer but I get the error message that this is not the right file format. It feels to me that the file is damaged and redownloading did not help either…

…any thoughts?

Where did you get the stencil? StencilTown or somewhere else?

Would be good to try and retrieve again or try another stencil from same source to see if it is local or remote issue.

Any luck with this?

well I got the stencil from stencil town. luckily I was able – due to the fact that it’s an official omnigroup stencil – to download it via the stencil window in omnigraffle.