Variable snooze, OF3 for iOS - am I missing something?

Hi. New user of OF3 Pro for iOS, and I’m pretty impressed.
Is there a setting somewhere that lets you change the length of a notification snooze either overall or on the fly? It appears to be static at 15 minutes. For example, when a notification pops up, you can snooze for variable amounts of time, or the default. Please let me know if I’ve missed something.

If I haven’t missed it and it’s not present, I’ll make a feature request for this - it’s one of the great things that Fantastical 2 can do with standard iOS reminders; I moved to OmniFocus to get more control of my tasks, and I feel like this (if it is missing) is something that should be available.

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Not yet. Send that feature request email!

Omni Group did states on their January 2019 road map that they are working on improving the iOS user experience. This will hopefully be one of those improvements.

Feature requested via email to Thanks for the answer!

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