View Completed Tasks in a given time period?


Is it possible to look at the completed items in a given date period? I need this to find out the tasks I finished in a project between certain dates to submit work log.

All I can see is the “View > All” option but this view doesn’t let me filter tasks based on status & dates and with this the list gets too long and its time taking to go through each one to check its completed date.


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Hi @viebsy! You might be interested in the Completed perspective, which you can access in the Perspectives menu on the Mac or by toggling to All Perspectives on the home screen of the iOS app. This perspective groups your completed tasks by rough date: things you’ve done today, yesterday, last week, etc.

I hope that helps, but if not, feel free to get in touch with our support team. Thanks for using OmniFocus!



Many thanks… this would do for now!

I’m trying to create a completed perspective but focus on a folder of projects… is this possible? I tried to copy the settings from Completed but I don’t see the “yesterday” “last week” etc headers… is that not possible or is there a setting some where I’m missing?

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I would like the same capability. Part of mindfulness is being aware of what one did and did not do, and a day is a useful period on which to reflect. Having a list of tasks completed today (or in a given period on which to reflect) would be very useful, as would the simple capability to export it to a journal/log for longer-term reflection.

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You need to make sure your sort by and group by settings are for “completed date”.


You will also want to turn off Project hierarchy. This setup works for me:

  • Don’t use project hierarchy - SELECTED
  • Group actions by: Completed
  • Sort actions by: Completed

The result is a “Within the last week” group, “Within the last month” group, and a “Within the last 3 months” group. I haven’t used it long enough to say whether you’d get additional groups (6 months, year, etc.) but I assume so.


This is all great – though I wish there was a way to narrow the results down to just today. Been tinkering around with it and can’t quite figure it out. Any ideas?

This was great! Thanks a lot for sharing this set-up, really does the trick for what I need.

Greetings! 🤗