View context in context based perspective

I use energy based contexts (this one takes a lot of attention, this one I can do in line for the grocery checkout, etc)
I also use defer dates a lot and due dates rarely.

I have a context perspective which shows all contexts and sorts tasks by defer date. The avail now disclosure is closed so I only see things deferred to today or previous days.

Each task shows the project, but not the context, so I can’t quickly scan the list and find something that matches the energy I’ve got. When I select a specific context from the list, it shows me all items available, not just the ones deferred in the perspective.

Is there any way to get the tasks to show the context without having to click on it and see it in the inspector?


Is this your current setup?

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No - it is this:

I have the same issue. I would like to see context in my context based perspective.

I’m having the same issue and I’ve just asked this question on Twitter, before finding this thread.

Unfortunately judging by how old this thread is and that there are no replies to it, it looks like we’ll have to conclude that the Context column cannot be displayed.

Interestingly, if a task doesn’t have a context, OF2 allows you to enter one, just to hide that field right away.

Update: this other thread is raising the same question, never addressed by OmniGroup though.