View Multiple Projects at Once?

I have created multiple projects in OmniPlan but want to be able to view or review them in one screen or report. How can I make this happen?


It’s not currently possible to view information about multiple projects within one OmniPlan window or report. Sorry to disappoint! We do, however, have an open feature request on file for implementing a ‘dashboard’ view that provides an overview across multiple projects and I’ve added your post there for the rest of the team to see. My understanding is that this is a feature we’re hoping to include in a future version of OmniPlan, but I can’t make any guarantees on that at this point.

If anyone else happens upon this forum thread and would like to ‘cast their vote’ (so to speak) for this feature, please send an email to so we can be certain to capture your thoughts, as we don’t always monitor everything that goes on in the forums. Thank you!

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Thanks Anne!

Do you have any recommended work arounds to accomplish the same goal with the current version?


Me too. In need a main project / sub projects function just like Microsoft Project offers. Exporting to MPP by the way does not deliver useable .mpp files that can be imported in a main project.

I’m managing 7-12 project at any one time for our company. An inordinate amount of time is spent trying to manage the resource dependency between projects, generating release candidate dates, rescheduling things and then getting ready to communicate status each Friday morning. I’ve moved from OmniPlan to Numbers to evaluation of daPulse and now I’m back to OmniPlan.

I’m struggling whether to put these 12 projects into a single omniPlan file or to manage 12 individual files. But then I worry that managing 12 individual files isn’t going to highlight resource constraints between projects. And when I put them all together into one file I find I spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with constraint violations and automatic date rescheduling across projects where some projects ought to be islands unto their own.

I have four improvement requests.

First, it’d be great if the grouping feature actually treated everything beneath it as a discrete project not causing one project to reschedule or level the other project.

Second, it’d be great if the resourcing feature would bark at you when there’s a problem across projects. Then we can decide if/when/how to reschedule or level other projects. Maybe we want to opt to hire a contractor.

Third, I work in a mixed mode world at our company (windows, mac, linux, unix). I’d like to be able to export my omniPlan file/s to XLS and gussy them up for show and tell on Fridays.

Fourth, I’d like two flex fields in the outline/table view. One to use for communicating important information in the Friday meetings (Customer pushed their QE verification by 1 week on 14/Jul). Another flex field to use for private information (Johnny was late three times hence the reschedule.). These fields should be exportable to the XLS file.

Hello All!

In case you missed our blog post yesterday, OmniPlan 3 for Mac is now available for testing and includes the Dashboard feature I mentioned previously. Here’s a link to the blog post where you can find information about signing up to help us test:

Let us know what you think!