View the 'Added' date when looking at a list of items?


How can I, when looking at a list of items in a project, see the created date? Or even other pieces of metadata? I’d like to have a more data sheet column-based view.

I’m trying to use the items like a journal of entries, so I can see when I added things and track how long an item was pending for.


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All the metadata for any item in your OmniFocus database is available in the Inspector. Simply click the blue i button in the upper right of your OmniFocus window to reveal it:

Once shown, the Inspector will provide details about whatever item or items you have selected in the main outline. I hope that helps!

I know that I can see that there :) I’d like to see that attribute in the list of tasks in the main window without having to click through every single one of them. Hopefully that makes sense :)

In other words, I’d like to be able to pull an attribute from the inspector and change the rendering layout of the main panel to include that attribute.


Ah, I understand! I’m sorry, but that’s not currently possible in OmniFocus 2. We’d love to hear more about how that fits into your workflow, though – would you mind sending an email to to explain what attributes you’d put in the content area? That way, we can track your request for future development internally.