View times on web app

Putting this out there, currently at work and for the first time in a while and have a mid-day deadline tomorrow. Posting this because I know I’ll have time to do it, but also because I just put it in and all I see is the date. In all the views all I see is the date and don’t see a time until I pull up the inspector.

Is there any hope for a feature to show times, an option to show/hide them, or does anyone else see this as an issue?

I believe this may be in the works. I use the Test Build for the web app and a couple weeks ago they had time displayed in the forecast view. Currently it is back to the date.

Must be some bug they are fixing. I would say to be patient and it will come.

That’s what I like to hear! Definitely not a dealbreaker by any means. If the introduction of forecast view is any indication, OmniGroup is clearly seeing how many people are using this and adding features to make it more than a viewer. Even without custom perspectives, repeat, etc. it still wins of Todoist.

Glad that someone else saw it though, thanks!