View Toolbar Missing

My View Toolbar has disappeared. I’ve checked every menu item and all preferences. If I click on View Icon in main Toolbar, there is no option to Show View Bar; ditto when I drop down View Menu. When I am in Flagged, all I see is the Context outline, not the Project outline. Help please.

Sorry to hear this! Did you update recently? If you select View > Customize Toolbar from the menubar, you should be able to drag the View (eye) icon back onto the toolbar of your main OmniFocus window. If you have trouble with this, just email us and we’ll be happy to help!

I have 2.2.5; I get updates.
The View icon is on my main toolbar. If I click on it, I get options for each Sidebar item.

Went back to rereading manuals carefully. Think the issue is a difference between OF and OF Pro; I have former, so it looks like there is no focus button on toolbar, and no option for Show View Bar.

Hadn’t needed that function, but thought I remembered having it as a feature; must have been mistaken.

If so, sorry to bother you and thanks for your help.