Viewing only Available actions in Forecast?

In OF3, I customized my Forecast to include a Today tag, and it now shows me all Remaining and Available actions with that tag. Is there a way to view only the Available actions with that tag in Forecast?

I have “Show deferred items” unchecked in my View settings, which I thought would do the trick, but it seems to have no effect. I suppose I could always make a new Perspective and customize it as I see fit, but that feels redundant when I already have a Forecast view.

Thanks in advance!

Anything available and deferred to today (even if later in the day than now) or a past date should show if Forecast.

Unavailable items shouldn’t, so long as they are deferred past today. How are the unavailable things you’re seeing made unavailable? Are they in an on hold project, have an on hold tag, deferred to a future date, or blocked? That would be interesting to understand.


Thanks, ScottyJ. The actions I’m seeing are becoming Available later today, not on a future day, so what you described makes sense. In that case, I’ll likely just view the Today tag when getting granular to the hour, and then use the Forecast for an overview of the day. That’s helpful. Thanks!

No worries!

One thing I have learned is that blocked actions with the Forecast Tag don’t show. As such, I will often hide such things from Forecast by looking for opportunities to sequence things in sequential projects or action groups. That might also help you tidy your view with progressive display of tagged actions?