Viewing the Inbox at the same time as Projects? [Available in v2.10]

In OF 1, I used to be able to have my Inbox open and hold down shift and then also open my projects view. This allowed me to quickly drag items from my inbox into projects. Currently, it doesn’t seem like there is a way for me to have both the inbox and projects view open at the same time. It’s important to have this functionality because it allowed me to close a previous task with a new one when I added it.

Any idea if this is coming, and if you need further clarification, please let me know!


CMD-OPT-N will open a new window. So far, it’s the only way to do this that I have found.


OPT+perspective will open a new window, but only if you use the Perspective menu or customize the toolbar. Adding OPT when clicking a sidebar item (Inbox, Projects, etc.) does nothing different than a simple click.

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This is the biggest issue with OF2. It is too difficult to clear my inbox. The fastest way is for me to see a list of projects along with my inbox so i can drag and drop the tasks to the appropriate folder. In OF1 I was able to open a project by holding shift and clicking the project to see if I had to check off a completed task before I added the follow up task.

If you need further explanation of how I use this workflow please let me know because this is CRITICAL.


Yes, it would be nice to be able to click on the project icon and and after the projects display to the right be able to pin that projects window to stay visible when opening the Inbox. Then dragging and dropping would be very simple and fast.


Even with no drag and dropping involved I would also like to see the projects outline on the left while on the Inbox perspective.

As someone has already said, it’s very difficult to clear the inbox without seeing your projects…


Exactly. We need a way to make the inbox clearing as easy as possible.


Would it be enough to have a “no project assigned” or even “inbox” item in the Project list, similar to the “no context” item in the Context list? That way you can click that one and see all the tasks that need to be assigned to projects and just drag them over. That seems to be the best ways to assign contexts to a large group of tasks.


That could be a start.

It’d be good to also be able to hold shift and select projects from the inbox view so I can see the details when clearing the inbox.

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Isn’t the projects list also available from the inspector?

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I think what they want to do is simply drag the item quickly to a project instead of having to click a dropdown and select a project. Having the project list viewable would let us select multiple items and drag them all into a project at once.

The inspector works if you have one or two items to move, but if you have a long list it can get tedious.


I would definitely like to see an option to show the count of items in the inbox in the sidebar. How else would I know items are there waiting to be processed…


Any update from OmniGroup about this?

Without this, OF2 is essentially a non starter as it makes a significant portion of my work much harder to do.

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In OF1 I had a perspective called “process inbox” which showed my inbox in the main window, and all of my projects on the side. I put a lot of stuff in my inbox during the week (capture everything) and then when I do my review I drag it into the appropriate project (or trash it) as needed. I might have 75 items in my inbox over a weeks time and I could also FOCUS on my three main files, WORK, HOME or PERSONAL to help process stuff quicker. In OF2, there is no way for me to do that.

Today, in order to keep using the beta, I fired up OF1 in order to process my inbox. This obviously is not a long term solution.


For me, it’s not really a matter of dragging the tasks to the projects, it’s more about remembering what my project structure is.

I normally type the project name, but I need to know where I want to place the task, and the side outline in OF1 helps me remember how I decided to structure my projects in the past.


wow. Today is the first day i imported all my OF1 data and actually tried to process my inbox in OF2. This is huge. Having to either remember project names to start typing them or use the inspector slows everything down. I always dragged and dropped inbox items directly into projects just like other posters on this thread. We need this back!

Has anyone actually emailed a feature request to Omni for this?


I’d love to hear what is keeping folks from using a two-window approach to this? As a user, something like this has been working for me:

The reason this is not OK is because it was not an issue in OF1 and now in OF2 it becomes a major issue.

As someone who is strict with their inbox, this requires more screen clutter and disorganization as I do something that is critical to GTD.


The two areas outlined in red are the same size: there’s no reason why the project list can’t be shown in the Inbox view, as it always has been.


So the ability to simply be able to move an item from my inbox and to promote that item to a project is critical.

I use the mail clip-o-tron a lot. Where I work use’s email a lot (talking 300+ emails a day sometimes) I need to get stuff from mail to Omni Focus’s inbox fast. From there I then review my inbox and in OF1 would simply drag an item into the projects list the critical thing about this promotion to a project is that it kept the email details (as a Note) in the top level of the project as often that was where the context of the project came from I could then add and complete actions at will without risking the loosing where the project came from.

So yes your 2 window approach sort of allows this except I run full screen so that approach fails as I can’t have both windows on the same Space.

thanks Jon