Visio 2013 .vsdx files?

I’m having issues opening .vsdx files from coworkers. I bought Omnigraffle Pro for Visio compatibility, so is there a trick? thanks!

I am using Omnigraffle 5.4.4 Professional, and, my primary use is reading and tweaking Visio files that I get from others. Recently, I have started getting new Visio file formats, such as .vsdx. I am wondering if OG 6 Pro is able to read and write these files? (The free trial is for Standard, not Pro.) Do others have experience with the using the new file Visio file formats?

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Wondering the same thing. Omni says the iPad version supports VSDX as a workaround. However, corporate policies don’t allow me to use 3rd party apps on the iPad. Need the functionality on the Mac side.