VISIO Objects Export Script

Hey all, I’ve been trying to search around the internet to find a script that will convert VISIO graphic objects on pages to transparent PNGs. I have a Visio document that has 28 pages in it, and each page has a large diagram. I’ve opened the VISIO w/ OmniGraffle but there is a LOT of cleanup work required because the graphics are not porting over as transparent objects, or a good majority of the objects show up as filled objects with odd colors even though they are not filled in VISIO. Any tips? I was looking for PowerShell, VBScript, etc. whatever will work. So far, I’ve only uncovered scripts that will do this for entire pages but NOT just the individual objects. This would save me so much time if I could track down something like this. A lot of the folks in our architecture department create designs in Visio and I have to take those and convert them to OmniGraffle. I’m open even if someone knows a 3rd party product that would accomplish this, please let me know.