Visio Stencil Import

I use MS Visio for network diagramming, currently trialling OmniGraffle. I’ve spent all day attempting to import HP Visio Stencils into OmniGraffle. Opening the stencils directly in OmniGraffle causes the text on the front of the devices to enlarge and makes them totally unusable. There is no way to ungroup the object and resize the text. So far, after 8 hours, this is the only way I can find to import Visio stencils correctly:

  • Save each individual shape to a separate .emf file in Visio on Windows
  • Open each individual .emf file on Powerpoint on Mac
  • Copy each shape and paste into a stencil in OmniGraffle
  • Manually add the anchor points and other data to the shape

This is workable for a few shapes, but importing full stencil takes hours. Has anyone found an easier way to do this?

Not planning on paying $200 for the full version if this core feature does not work.

Well, sent this query through to sales to see if there was a workaround/future support, but got no response.

Looks like MS Visio is the only real option.

That’s unusual that you never received a response; I’m sorry to hear that! If you have a ticket number, I’ll be happy to look into what happened.

Unfortunately, EMF images are not officially supported, as noted in the excerpt from Importing from Other Applications, though we import them when possible. Unfortunately, there are too many edge cases in the format for us to guarantee support.

Documents saved by Microsoft® Visio® diagramming software in its XML-based file format (and now even in its original binary file format! Yeah!) can be read by OmniGraffle Pro. Note that while you can open the binary format, you can’t export to it; you’ll have to save as an OmniGraffle diagram or export to the XML format. Also note that graphics in the Microsoft® Enhanced Metafile (EMF) format can’t be imported.

That said, we have done additional work in the public test builds of OmniGraffle 6.3, and you’re welcome to take a look. Even if that doesn’t help, we appreciate you considering OmniGraffle!