Visio support in Pro

Specifically for OmniGraffle Pro on the Mac (but also on IOS). Why can’t OmniGraffle Pro successfully present a Visio file? Is this being addressed? Text isn’t aligned simple fonts are not mapped correctly (Helv, Arial, Courier), Lines don’t show correctly (line end arrows disappear)?

Every other viewer I have tried on the Mac does much better at presenting Visio files… This is unusable for Visio. Are others experiencing this or am I mis-using the product?

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I am also on a quest to get better Visio support in OG. My issue is more accurate export, although I am interested in accurate importing as well. I encourage you to call or email your question to the Omni Group support team so they can record your request. They MAY see it here but the only way to be sure is to contact them directly. The more people who complain to them directly, the more priority the issue will have.