Visual lines for parent level items with their children

I can’t find the ability to use lines that show the hierarchy flow for parent level items with their child items. See the attached image from a Workflowy list, which supports the visual lines for showing those levels. Would love to do this same thing in OmniOutliner as I like the visual grouping it makes.


I’d love this as an option. I quite often find that a section of an outline gets nested quite deep and I can find it tricky to work out how far I need to de-indent to get the next section in the right spot. At the moment I can select a parent row and see what’s nested under it, but that requires stopping the current flow.

What about turning on the gutter? It’s in the inspector somewhere.

The lines are much better visually than the gutters, especially when printing.

Workflowy, Dynalist, etc. all use lines to provide the visual trails for the parent/child items. I would love for OmniOutliner to offer this if not currently available.