VIsual representation

While a nice looking list is nice, I can’t deny that I sometimes want to look at a graphical representation to get an overview of things.

Is there some way to easily get a visual representation of what’s in OF? Like a mindmap, concept map or something similar?


There was this - not sure if it is still working

( but I have to say that the insight which it gave me into the pattern of what OF (reveals | conceals | decorates) became a factor in my moving away from OmniFocus )

I used the Rob Trew script to move it into a mind map for a while, but gave up on it a while ago.

I agree with the OP though, a built-in visualisation tool would be great. Surely Omni could leverage some of their OmniGraffle technologies to give us something that looks great and is fully integrated.

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Yes I agree some sort of timeline overview would be great. I have seen them in Bitrix and Pagico