Voice Control and the Floor Plan Stencil

Greetings! Here’s some interesting news:

The OmniGraffle Floor Plan stencil set on macOS has new abilities. Using Apple’s built-in Voice Control, you can automatically add elements from the stencil set to the current canvas using your voice! Like this:

“Add 36-inch door”
“Add sliding doors”
“Add 10 by 12 room”

Every element of the Floor Plan stencil set can be imported to the current canvas using your voice.

And once an element has been added to the canvas you can manipulate it using your voice too.

“Lock This”, “Lock These”, “Unlock This”, “Unlock These”, “Duplicate This”, “Duplicate These”, “Group These”, “Ungroup”, “Rotate Right”, “Rotate Left”, “Half Rotate Left”, “Half Rotate Right”, “Flip This”, “Flip Vertical”, “Flip Vertically”, “Flip Horizontal”, “Flip Horizontally”

Simply install the provided voice commands file, turn on Voice Control in System Settings, and you’re ready to go.

Check it out — enjoy!


Info about Voice Control and Omni Automation