Voicemail to OmniFocus

Any thoughts on how I can get a voicemail into OmniFocus? Using the share menu, I can send a voice to an email, text message, trello etc. I would love to send a voice message to Omnifocus for future processing. Any thoughts or workflows?

ps: I can copy the text and share that into OmniFocus. That is good, but I’d still like to capture the original voicemail.

If you have the Workflow iOS app, this should do the trick. It should work for any file type (voicemail, pdf, etc) that isn’t recognized by the standard iOS share screen.


You could also customize the workflow to streamline things further (e.g. instead of typing in the full task name each time you could just type in the person’s name who sent the voicemail and generate a standard task such as this - “Follow up with ________'s voicemail”).

I haven’t found a way to have Workflow automatically pull the name of the caller from contacts, so if anyone knows a way to do that it might be a useful addition.

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@bryan, that is just what I was looking for! It is so helpful to clear out my voicemail and then work out of OmniFocus! Thank you!

I agree-- this would be a useful addition. I don’t know how to combine workflows, but here is someone who made a worfklow that would add contact info to the task.


Glad to help! That workflow only works when you share a contact from the contacts screen. What we would need is something that extracts the contact from a voicemail itself.

As far as I can tell, the only information that can be extracted from the voicemail share screen through Workflow is voicemail metadata (e.g., name of file, file size, extension, creation date, last modified date, etc.).

Would definitely be an interesting workflow if we could get it to work though!

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Another suggest is to email the voicemail to your OmniFocus Mail Drop account (via Share Sheet). Use the subject field for the task name and optionally paste the transcript (if available) and any other notes into the body of the email.

One advantage to this approach is that the task is added in the background, so it’s not necessary to switch back to the Phone app if you’re processing multiple voicemails.

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