Vote here for Collaboration Feature in OmniFocus!

I know that there have been various threads over the past few years about Collaboration feature(s) in OmniFocus. Many (most?) of us need to be able to share/assign tasks to our partners/spouses/co-workers/teams.

The possibility of such capabilities was laid out in the 2018 OmniFocus Roadmap here.
However, it did not make its way into the 3.0 release for iOS.
Once the 3.0 version for macOS is released, there is hope that implementation will be a priority.

Let’s turn HOPE into ACTION. Please cast your vote for Collaboration feature(s) by emailing OmniGroup at Make your voice heard!


Collaboration doesn’t need any more votes to make it onto our priority list—as you’ve already noted, this feature is already on the roadmap! As I stated in that roadmap back in January:

Automation and collaboration are coming, but won’t be part of the initial 3.0 release

Once 3.0 has shipped (still on track for September), we’ll turn our attention to implementing both automation and collaboration.