"Waiting On" tasks not listed in "Waiting On"

I created 2 new tasks and both were assigned the “waiting on” context. Both are in the inbox but neither is listed under the “waiting on” context in the context tab (the context tab says “no available items”).

I also created a task and assigned it the “follow up” context to see if it would show up under the “follow up” context tab; it didn’t.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance for your help!

Hey there! Sorry about the trouble. My guess is that the context view is set to only show available items (hence the “no available items” text), while items in an on-hold context aren’t considered available.

You could try changing the view settings for the Contexts tab temporarily: click the View icon in the toolbar, then switch from Available to Remaining. The tasks should appear, since they’re still incomplete.

You can learn more about the different view options available in OmniFocus (no pun intended!) in this short video, and get the nitty-gritty definitions of the possible task states in the online manual’s glossary.

That’s exactly what the problem was. Thank you!