Want calendar to start on Monday, not Sunday

Hello, I’m a new user to OmniFocus currently in day 2 of my trial period. I would like my week to start on Monday as I have all of my calendars set to do. I have researched through the forums, and though I know very little about the Terminal app, I did try the solution explained there. It seems like this should be an easy thing to change in the settings on OmniFocus as many business people like their workweek to begin on Monday. Any help would be appreciated. I am running OmniFocus 2 Pro on a MacBook Air updated to most current version. Thank you!

OmniFocus follows your system preferences for which day of the week to start on. But since you say you “have all of my calendars set to do” it would seem like you’ve also set your system calendar that way, and something somewhere isn’t working as intended…


Perfect! That worked. I changed the settings on the calendars in their individual apps - not in Language and Region…this was a new trick for me. Thank you!

PS - I’ve only been a Mac user for a few years so I’m constantly learning new things :)