Warning before deleting/completing hidden content


Today I mistakenly marked as complete a project that seemed empty. In fact it was not empty, it’s just that I did a search before, and nothing in the project was matching the request, the project was only in inspector and sidebar.
But I was wondering if it would not be great to warn users before deleting or completing a project that still have uncompleted task hidden.

What do you think?
I’ve put so much in Omnifocus (too much…), I’m pretty sure I have already marked complete something I shouldn’t have…maybe it’s better like that 😉

Completing an item should require the same modifier key that deleting an item does.

I recommend emailing Omni Support with this feedback if you haven’t already.

I’d like to at least have the option of requiring a confirmation before a project is deleted or marked complete (and I have shared this feedback with Omni).

On a side note, OmniFocus backups can be helpful if something gets deleted by mistake. On the Mac, they can be accessed by choosing File > Show Backups in Finder.

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