Watch complication: Item ordering

I’m using the OmniFocus complication with a custom perspective. I haven’t been able to figure out how the watch decides which individual task to display in the large complication (e.g. on the Modular face).

It’s not displaying the first item as sorted when I look at the perspective. Is this a bug, or is there some logic to it I’m not understanding?

I’m having the same issue. For me the complication seems to always display the item with the next due time within my custom perspective. I’d really like for the complication to display the top item on the perspective.

The Complication and Glance always display the Next Up item.

The Next Up item is chosen using the following rules/priorities:

  • First available item due today
  • First overdue item
  • First available item with any due date
  • First available item in perspective order


Thanks Jim, that’s helpful.

That is super helpful. Thank you so much.

Would it be possible that if “Custom Perspective” is selected, then the sort order changes such that “First available item in perspective order” is first on the rules list? That would make me super happy. :)

I love the watch complication to know what the next thing I’m supposed to do it. I really don’t want to add artificial due dates with due times in order to make the watch complication do what my custom perspective sorted by contexts already does for me with flags, but I can if that is what it comes to.

I really appreciate your team and the engagement you have with all of your customers. Thank you Omni!


jonrobbins’ last comment here nails the behaviour I’d like to see. If I choose e.g. Flagged for the Today & Watch setting, or a Custom Perspective, it would be great if the watch complication displayed the next task per the order they appear in that perspective on the iOS app. That’s the order I want to do them in, and I like that the complication shows me a constant reminder of what’s up next.

I’m bumping because (a) this thread is 2.5 years old, and (b) I’m still using OF 2.22.3 Standard on iOS. I would consider upgrading and/or going Pro if this feature has been updated/improved. Does anyone know? Thanks.