Watch complication not updating

Hi there

I am using the latest version of watchOS, iOS and OmniFocus but the small OmniFocus complication on my Infograph Modular watch face frequently fails to update. For instance I have it set to only show overdue tasks, of which there are none currently, but it is showing a large red 1 on the watch face. It’s bringing out my worst OCD tendencies!

Is it just me?


I get same issue occasionally. And when I see that I have to force it to update…can’t live with a rogue number!

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Hello @euan.

Fails to update at all? Or fails to be timely?

Both watch complications and widgets are known not to be timely in updating - and that’s down to Apple. It doesn’t seem to have improved in the lifetime of either feature.

It seems to me task management can cause what’s displayed to be overtaken by events - such as ticking off a task or bumping its due date - more readily than many other domains.

But I ask the original question because it might be worse than that. It might be a failure to update full stop.

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I have found a workaround - if I have 2 watch faces with the OmniFocus complication, and I swipe between them it seems to force an update. So I just keep 2 adjacent faces with the complication.

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