Watch complication number is always zero

I have OmniFocus 3 on my iPhone and I use the app on my watch. However, the complication is always zero and I can’t figure out why. Right now, I have 45 overdue tasks, 2 due today and 2 due soon. Yet the complication on the watch face says 0. I’ve seen it show other numbers but there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what it shows, it is never (except maybe by luck) that it corresponds to the Due Today tasks, which is what I expect it to be. What is that number supposed to represent and how do I get it to represent the number of tasks due today?

Possibly related, when I look at Today’s tasks on the watch, they are always grey (unless they are flagged). Why are they always grey? They aren’t grey on the desktop app or in the iOS app. If I flag an item, it turns orange on the watch (yet the complication still says 0).


In the Settings for OmniFocus for iOS, look at the ‘Today & Watch’ section. There you can select what items show up in the Today Widget and on the Watch. What’s selected there? A custom perspective, perhaps?

Show a Custom Perspective is turned off. Due Today is checked under Show Items. The tasks show in the app, it’s the complication number that seems random.

I have the same issue…

On my watch, only show the flagged tasks