Webhook for Cloud storage events


I would love to be able to trigger action on other services (like Zapier) when tasks are added, modified or closed in specific projects.

It would thus be great to have a webhook API that can do that from Omnifocus cloud storage on events.

Is that a feature that Omnigroup would consider ?

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I would have to imagine that you would need to have something like Applescript to control a web browser such as Safari.

Or maybe something along the lines of the If-This-Then-That feature (iftt.com) to do something?

Or even a Keyboard Maestro keystroke or Hazel rule to do something?

I can’t speak to how likely it is such a feature would get worked on, but we’re happy to consider it. Looks like we do have an existing request for an API that would work with services like Zapier and IFTTT—I’ll get a +1 added for you so the team knows you’d find this really helpful, too.

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