Webhooks for collaboration

The way I see it, the simplest form of collaboration while OF remains a personal task organizer is to allow one to notify that a task being sent to this person has been done, such as to trigger follow-up and verification.

In the era or webhooks, how hard would it be to add a webhook UUIDv4 generator to a task as a property of the task that is associated with a mark for third party completion field ?

Then if I put a manual link to this webhook in an email to a colleague with mention, would you be so kind as to notify me in this well prescribed manner when you do get to do what I have so kindly requested of you ?

Than that person clicks the webhook, it calls my instance of OF for the web, triggers the completion of the webhook which then would let me follow-up and validate that the task was indeed completed as spec’d.

What do you think ?



I’d certainly be interested to see that functionality though I’ve no idea what the technical obstacles to implementation might be