Weekly/monthly planning - what do you use?

I am a long-time OF user, but not a strict adherent of GTD. I do weekly reviews, which solves one issue, but sometimes I just want to set some goals: “this week I want to get X Y & Z done”, “this month I want to get A B & C done”.

Does anyone out there do this sort of thing? If so, do you do it in OF? If not, where do you do this kind of thing? Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, I did search but didn’t find any topic sufficiently close.


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I use a Big Rocks perspective detailed here:

In the beginning, I will set all my special projects that are not Single Actions Lists to “On Hold” status. I also set almost every new project I create to On Hold automatically unless it is something I have to work on in the next 7 days.

At the beginning of each week, I go to the projects perspective and look at my currently Active projects. I can either defer it or set it to On Hold if I don’t intend to do anything in the next 7 days. I’ll look at my On Hold projects and select two or three projects that I want to work on. I set the project status to active. Then I can see these projects in my Big Rock perspective.

Choose just a handful (3-5) projects to become active. I already have my hands full with the single actions lists (one-off tasks).


Very interesting @wilsonng - thanks for sharing. I’ve been struggling with the same thing, and appreciate your approach.

Is this your new workflow to which you referred in the “Are you struggling with OmniFocus?” thread?

It is a small part of it. I am trying to gather it all up in an OmniOutliner document first. trying to figure out how to handle the boring tasks (housekeeping, office paperwork, the honey-do list) and getting around to our pet projects that we’d rather be working on.

I temporarily put this on hold for this week as I have a large Adobe InDesign project due very soon. Then I’ll return to this workflow.

I revealed yet another portion here.



I’m new to GTD and Omnifocus, and so far I’ve found it a bit unwieldy to keep track of my weekly goals in Omnifocus. Also, I like to separate out my primary goals from mundane tasks I also need to move forward on. So every week I create a list of weekly goals on Evernote, with the primary goals emphasized at top, but also the other stuff I need to get done. Each day I then use this as a guide to create a daily to-do list with a rough schedule. I work on the important goals first in a dedicated time period, and then try and get to the other tasks. I flag these daily goals in Omnifocus.

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I set up X, Y, and Z independent projects with a due date a week from now and decide on what “success” looks like, and depending on the number of steps or tasks, write them all out or the first few obvious tasks. I give the tasks due dates much less than a week away (otherwise the projects will fail to be completed on time). Projects with a month-away deadline (A, B, and C projects) are done the same way, with weekly reviews to ensure I’m making sufficient progress to succeed within the month.

Are you saying that instead of inputing directly to either OF2 Inbox, under a OF2 project, etc., you input your new tasks into OO first?

I updated a workflow sample here…



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I had a discussion with another person about time blocking here. But it’s more about daily planning.


wilsonng, I’m interested in your approach you wrote up. I was wondering how it is for you to have your personal and work related tasks so intermingled, at least on the project side of things.

Not sure what you mean by having personal and work related tasks so intermingled.

i do separate my projects by folder. I have a personal folder with personal projects. Then I have a work folder filled with work stuff.

My tasks do get mixed up by context though. I have some personal and work related tasks for my @computer context. Or I might have intermingled a variety of tasks in the @errands context.

As much as I try to delineate the fine line between work and home, there are times when it will get mixed up. Perhaps it is because I am in a position where I run our family business and can separate myself from the main office to do work (such as the duplex rental units). But if I am outside running errands, I can fulfill personal and work errands at the same time without consequences.

There appears to be this common notion that we should separate work and personal tasks. I can see that in a corporate environment where no personal work is allowed. I am fortunate to not be in that environment. I have a good team that can cover for me when I am not around. Enabling and authorizing them with a workflow manual probably helps them make decisions when I am not at the office.

If you are a self-employed person, it can get rather easy to mix personal and work. I need to have time blocks to ensure that I am giving enough effort in both areas and to rebalance myself when I go overboard in one area of responsibility over another.

Am I answering your question? HTH.

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