Weird behavior with full tag "path"?

I have a bunch of tags for people, set up as People:Steve, People:Tyler, People:Joe,…

For some reason, the tag for one person (Tyler) always shows up with the full path name. No one else does.

Anyone know why this would be the case? I don’t want the space wasted showing People:Tyler, I just want it to show Tyler like it does with all the other names.

It’s because you have two tags in your database named ‘Tyler’. In this case, the full path is displayed to disambiguate them.

If that’s true, I don’t see the other one. Maybe there’s an old one or something? How would I track it down and fix the problem if two “Tyler” tags are currently not visible in the tags perspective?

Go to the Tags view, select ‘Show: All’ in the view options, and enter ‘Tyler’ in the search field (‘Search Here’)

You are awesome! Thank you!!!

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