Weird issue with stencil

I took a couple of screen captures and also made a YouTube video illustrating the issue that I see. I believe that the stencil I created has issues. When a drawing from this stencil is placed onto the canvas the part/drawing looks fine - however when selected it’s little box is wrong - either very far away from the part/drawing or entirely too large. See the screen captures and/or YouTube link.

If possible - I’d like to know how to fix this.


YouTube Video

In this first screen capture the part/drawing is at the bottom right of the rectangle. The rectangle should be about the same size as the part.


In this example the rectangle is the correct size - but very far away from the drawing. I’ve annotated to point out what I try to describe.

What version are you using? This has happened to me mutlitple times in 7.11.x.

I’m using OmniGraffle version 7.11.5. (on a Macbook running macOS High Sierra ver. 10.13.6)

I discovered that simply moving the objects placed caused the anomalies to vanish.