Welcome to Stenciltown!

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Welcome to Stenciltown!

One of the wonderful things about OmniGraffle is that it’s incredibly easy to build stencils: you just take any content that you might put in a normal document, create a new stencil document, and add that content to it.

It’s also very easy to download stencils from the Internet: you can go to a website and download a stencil (like Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 from Viget), open that stencil in OmniGraffle and you’re good to go.

But you could only download those stencils if you knew where to find them, and unfortunately they’re scattered across the web.

Enter Stenciltown:

Screenshot of Stenciltown

Stenciltown makes it easy to find free OmniGraffle stencils which have been shared by the community. You can browse and search the collection through its web interface, and once you’ve found a stencil you’d like to use it’s as easy as ever to download and use.

You can also search Stenciltown from within OmniGraffle itself, both on Mac and iPad:

Searching Stenciltown in Mac and iPad apps

We think being able to search for community stencils within the app is important; it lets people who are using the app find what they’re looking for right away (and it helps new customers find stencils even when they haven’t yet heard of Stenciltown).

If you have a stencil you’d like to share with the rest of the OmniGraffle community, you’ll find the option to “Submit a Stencil” at the top of the page. You’ll need to provide the stencil file, a preview image, and some basic details about the stencil. After a short review process, your stencil will become freely available to all of the OmniGraffle community, both in OmniGraffle itself and through the Stenciltown website.

We look forward to seeing you in Stenciltown!


I’ve posted a couple of stencils but but only one of them shows results up when I do a search from within OmniGraffle.

Net Stencils Simplified shows up properly if I do a search on network, router or switch.
Net Stencil IV isn’t showing any results. Is there any way to add some keywords in or reindex the stencil on stencil town?

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Sorry about that! Your second stencil might’ve been missed on the latest search reindex - I went ahead and manually reindexed it on our end. You should now see both of your submitted stencils returned for “network”, “router”, or “switch” (or any other terms in the stencil description text).

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When trying to install Net Stencil IV, I get the following error: “The
document ³Net Stencil IV-3.gstencil² could not be opened. Conversion of
string failed. The string is empty.”
I’m using the following:
Mac OS 10.7.5
OmniGraffle Pro for Mac OS X
V. 5.4.4 (v.139.18r187838)

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This problem was resolved by Omnigroup. The fixed the stencil and reposted and I downloaded the stencil again which worked.

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Thanks for the reindex. That definitely did the trick.

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Why do Walls, Windows, & Doors stencils have a blue file icon on them?

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One of the wonderful things about OmniGraffle is that it’s incredibly easy to build stencils

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I agree with you. It’s not only easy and simple, but also intuitive.

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I’ve been using it for about 2-3 months with a pretty good feelings.