Western Digital My Cloud support over LAN only

Hello team,

I’m looking for a low-cost self-hosting solution without Internet access (local network only). Is an entry-level Western Digital My Cloud NAS appliance able to support this?

Thanks for any tips.

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It looks like the answer is no: Appendix B of the My Cloud User Guide says that it supports CIFS/SMB, NFS, FTP, and AFP—but makes no mention of WebDAV, which is what Omni apps use to sync.

You might try a Synology NAS instead: they do support WebDAV, and I know some of our customers are successfully syncing using their Synology devices. (I usually sync with a personal Mac server, but I’ve tested syncing with my own Synology and it worked just fine.) And they have a broad range of options available, from inexpensive single-disk setups to big RAIDs with a dozen or more disks.


Thanks for the response Ken. Implementing a local sync solution was actually a project I was tracking through Omni Focus, but since your recent security upgrade I have abandoned it (and saved a few hundred in the process). Cheers.

A few years ago I bought a Western Digital MyBook Live Duo NAS and it was a big mistake. The webinterface/built-in functionallity pretty limited (e.g. no WebDAV support). Later I found out that you can’t even replace the included HDDs with your own. When disks break you have to contact support and ask them to send you new disks.

I ended up buying a Synology DS214play and I’m very happy with it. Using it more than 2 years now.


are there any updates on WD Western Digital My Cloud Mirror(Gen 2) regarding the WebDav sync with Omnifocus? The support document says that WebDAV is supported by this device (http://products.wdc.com/library/UM/ENG/4779-705145.pdf). Thank you very much!

Sidenote: I don’t own the device, but I want to buy it soon. (Also, no and I don’t want to buy a Synology NAS.)