What am I missing? Manual sorting?

Hello everyone. Hope everybody is well and safe. I have a question regarding the ability to manually sort items in flagged perspective. I want to sort my flagged items manually. Although I can do that in some of the perspectives it is not working in flagged perspective. What am I missing? I am hoping that is not a limitation. Thank you

Pretty sure you can’t. Sorting in perspectives has long been a thing that’s not possible if they’re context-based perspectives.

It is a limitation in the Flagged perspective, as that perspective doesn’t have as much settings as custom perspectives. You might like to use tags instead of flags and create a custom perspective for certain tags, if you have the Pro version of Omnifocus, as sorting in tags-based perspectives actually is possible if you group actions by tag and sort actions by tags order in the perspective. I tried to create a custom perspective showing flagged tasks with the perspective settings mentioned, but then it only became sortable for tasks with tags. A bit cumbersome to tag all the tasks you flag with a tag Flagged…

I keep remembering why I keep going back to Things 3. Thanks for the responses.


I had a look at Things again to see what could be tempting. I would like to adjust my suggestions a bit after that:

  1. You may have a custom perspective in Omnifocus that shows flagged tasks and is possible to reorder manually. If you have the perspective grouped by project (which is what Things has in its Today view), you may sort your tasks manually.

  2. You may set a tag to have tasks with that tag automatically show up in the Today perspective. Those tasks are also possible to reorder manually.

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I find the built-in flagged perspective’s limitations annoying. Fortunately it’s easy enough to create a custom perspective that only shows flagged actions.

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