What are your custom perspectives?

I am always on the lookout for some tips from other users when it comes to making the best out of Omnifocus. I think its impressive flexibility is awesome, but it also means that there are probably several things I could do with it that I have never thought about.

So here’s my question for you today: what are your custom perspectives?

I have a “Main Project” one for the most important project at the moment. Quite a few other simple ones, “Work”, “Personal” etc.

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I have a perspective called “On-The-Go”.

First, I created several contexts…

House (arriving)
House (leaving)
Office (arriving)
Office (leaving)
Errands: Hardware Store
Errands: Grocery Store
Errands: [insert name of other types of destinations you frequently visit]

Then I create my “On-The-Go” context perspective that shows all available and focus on the above contexts.

I always check this perspective when I leave my house in the morning. I double check to see if there is anything I need to do right before leaving (Context: House Leaving. Example: Bring garbage cans out before leaving the house). I also scan for any errands I can do on the way to work (various errands contexts).

When I arrive at work, I check “On-The-Go” for anything that I must do first before doing any other office work (Context = Office (arriving). Example: turn in last night’s report to the boss).

When I leave the office, I check “On-The-Go” for anything I must grab before leaving the office (Context = Office (leaving). Example: Bring home my umbrella that I keep forgetting at the office). I also check the errands contexts to see if there are any other errands I can perform on the way home.

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I have a few perspectives I use a lot, mostly context-based:

  1. “Today” - available tasks that are flagged or due
  2. “Next” - all my available tasks, excluding location-based contexts
  3. “Errands” - available tasks from only location-based contexts
  4. “Waiting” - available tasks with my Waiting context
  5. “Goals” - available tasks that represent my goals for the week
  6. “Someday/Maybe” - my tasks with a Someday/Maybe context

I also have a few project hierarchy perspectives:

  1. “Outcomes” - focus on my folder of outcome-based projects (i.e. projects that have a definitive end)
  2. “Domains” - focus on my folder of SAL projects that represent areas of focus (parenting, home, car)
  3. “Checklists” - focus on my folder of checklist projects (things to buy, books to read, etc.)

And a couple of other ones:

  1. “Radar” - tasks (available or not) groped by defer date, to see what’s coming up in a list
  2. “Shipping” - tasks that have a context of shipping, I really only use this a lot at Christmas :)

Those are my main ones. Interested to see those of others!