What are your favorite Workflow for iOS scripts?

I guess I’ve been too lazy and/or too busy with life to get around with using the Workflow app for iOS. Does anybody have examples of some of their favorite Workflow scripts?

Googling “Workflow iOS OmniFocus” yielded a couple of results but I thought there might be something more to it.

I’m gonna have to hunker down this weekend and take a look at the Workflow documentation. It’s interesting that Workflow was acquired by Apple in the last couple of days. This seems to be present a chance for Workflow to become an integral part of iOS itself.

I don’t know if I repeat enough actions to necessitate a workflow but perhaps I’m missing some cool scripts that might spark something within me.


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I have one for adding a task with sub tasks (https://workflow.is/workflows/d4bd0c220b304d55b770220f2bdae3ab) - I dislike the current OF Workflow for doing this so this handles it pretty easily.

I’ve got lots for projects I frequently do (lots of travel ones), which I’ll look into sanitising so I can share here.


I wonder if this might not be time well spent. No telling if Apple will kill the app (and maybe build parts of it into the OS). If you’re not reliant on it now, it seems a risky time to build it into your habits.

That’s a good point.

But I think if the @SupportHumans will see some of the more popular Workflow scripts, maybe that will give them guidance to see what new features can become native instead of being implemented outside of the OmniFocus app.

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This is one I use multiple times a week. It lets me choose a text file that contains an OmniFocus template in Taskpaper format. I can then replace placeholder text in the template and inject the project into a specific folder within OmniFocus. Super handy.


I’ll have to look at that later - possibly trying to modify it to give a choice of folders (I have yet to get my head around developing workflow). What I’m really trying to work out is a way to use the exact same template but with an OSX script.

I’m thinking I python might be the best route.

in an ideal world, I’d just point OF at my taskpaper templates and it’d work natively without 3rd party stuff on iOS and OSX.

This thread reminded me of an annoyance I’ve been living with but can easily fix with Workflow: when scheduling tasks in the forecast they get marked as due on that day - and 90% of the time I just want to see them that day (I.e. Defer them to then), so I threw two workflows together this morning for this: Schedule Today and Schedule Tasks. The second asks you which date, and both workflows remove extra new lines to prevent empty tasks in your inbox. You could easily modify these to be triggered from Drafts or similar as well.


Hi Joe,

Does this give you something that using Editorial and Taskpaper formatted text doesn’t?

It gives me the option to select a template from DropBox and insert it in the folder I want. You could set up Editorial/Taskpaper to do the same. I’m using Taskpaper for the templates anyhow. But I know how to program in Workflow. I’m still fairly new to coding within Editorial.

I put this workflow on my home screen - you’d probably have to edit it a fair bit to make it useful for you, but for me, I keep a number of checklists in OF for Someday/Maybe things like books to read, movies to watch, gifts to buy, etc.

This workflow lets me tap it, choose which list to add to, then what to add (and whether or not to add a note, which could also just be a clipboard dump). This lets me pretty quickly get ideas on to lists quickly.

I am working on re-writing another one that I had that take a bunch of Markdown text, locates tasks, put the tasks in OF, and puts the rest into another text file. The purpose is for me to take meeting notes, then quickly move the actionable stuff to OF so that I don’t lose it, and put the rest in a searchable archive (for me, that’s Ulysses).


Hey Wilson - thanks for tagging us on this post! If visitors post here, we’ll be glad to file feature requests for any functionality gap that’s currently being filled by a popular Workflow for OmniFocus. Sorry for the delayed response here, by the way! The team was out of the office for 2 days in order to attend a training event. We hope to be fully caught up and back to normal soon!


I made a three-instruction workflow to log 15 mindful minutes in Health. Fiddling with the date/time picker in Health is less than pleasant, so it’s nice to be able to double-tap a button that will enter the start and end times for me.

Hi Joe

Anyway to bypass the folder selection? I don’t use any folders and would want this to be created at the top level. I’m new to workflow and don’t really know how to modify it to make this happen.


This is untested but I just modified it to possibly work without the folder option.


Thanks. I just ran it and it seems to be going to my inbox.

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I think if you add &target=projects to the end of the URL at the very bottom of that workflow, it will add it as a top-level project.

Paste it to this?


And if so… Beginning or end?


The end. So this:


Worked like a charm. Thanks Joe.

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I use this one, mostly for my job, to allow OF templates to ‘snap to date’ and be preset with relative dates.

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