What books on personal productivity are you reading?


I drive a lot. Consequently, I try to improve my mind by listing to audio books… My car is my university. It’s also my daughter’s canteen and dog’s bed but that’s a bit off topic.

There are some books which have really resonated over the years, and some which have been so appalling, I’ve nearly driven into a lamp post.

Firstly, does anyone have a personal favourite, which they keep coming back to?

And secondly, have you tied it into your implementation of Omnifocus.

Obviously I am not including anything by David Allen

Currently I am listening to Covey (the other one’s) 4 Disciplines of Execution. I’m broadly sympathetic to it’s message but not entirely sure yet.

Rather unconventionally, I have just finished The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick, which was hysterical- by far the funniest book on productivity I’ve found, and properly rude- bonus points. And swearing (more bonus points, I’m a soldier).

I’ve also quite enjoyed Zen to Done, but realised that it doesn’t account for the maelstrom of stuff that flies towards me each week. “Sorry, Colonel, but I am only committing myself to three tasks this morning” is a phrase which will never pass my lips.




Hi Cristiano.
I enjoy listening to bookworm, a podcast by mike schmitz and @joebuhlig It is NOT on relay.fm UNFORTUNATELY but is in overcast etc.
The books they read (and then podcast their reviews and give intended personal action points) are based largely around the productivity workspace.
They have a forum like this one at club.bookworm.fm and the full lists are there. They give amazon links so you can see which of them have audio book versions.
The podcasts are probably as useful as the books.

Edited to correct a misunderstanding about relay.fm


I second the Bookworm recommendation (though a small correction: it’s not on Relay FM ;)).

If podcasts are your game then Cortex might well fit the bill too, other recommendations would include Mac Power Users and maybe even Automators (full disclose, I’m a host of Automators!).

Back on the book side of things I’m currently reading The Twelve Week Year which you might enjoy :)


Thanks for mentioning Bookworm!

@rosemaryjayne is correct. It’s not on Relay. Though I’d love for it to make it there. Maybe mention that to Mr. Hurley. 😉