What collaboration tool the Omni Group team uses?

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I’m just curious. What tools the Omni team uses for collaborating, documenting and tracking issues?

I’m currently in the process of evaluating potential tools for my company and since I share the Omni Group philosophy I would certainly appreciate your input.

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Yeah Omni. Do you use OmniPlan? Asana? Or is the lack of reply due to fear folks will go somewhere else?

We use an in-house tool that we originally wrote in '92 (but have improved greatly over the years) called OmniBugZapper. It’s not available outside Omni, but you can read a little about it in the “Inside Omni” article that Brent Simmons wrote for objc.io shortly after he joined our engineering team.

(It was originally implemented for the NeXT using DBKit, then rewritten using EOF, almost rewritten in WebObjects when NeXT was giving up on the desktop, but returned to EOF when Apple shipped that as part of Mac OS X—which unfortunately disappeared before the final 10.0 release, though we kept it limping along as long as we were able to run PowerPC software. Once OS X dropped support for PowerPC emulation, OmniBugZapper was rewritten with native client libraries, talking to the same FrontBase SQL database server we’d been using with EOF. A few years ago we ported the app to our iPads and iPhones, and last year, we migrated the database to PostgreSQL which is serving us quite well. But while this slowly-changing-over-24-years stack is something we’ve been comfortable managing for ourselves, it hasn’t really ever been in a state where it would make sense to offer this solution to anyone else.)


Thanks for your reply! I hope that at some point you guys take up the challenge and create a tool that complements OmniFocus for group/collaborative projects!! We are waiting (impatiently)…


Hi, Omni previously announced upcoming support for linked tasks and plans to create a bridge between OmniFocus and OmniPlan. They’re upping their game and will be making it possible to share entire projects, not just individual tasks. kids blue light glasses