What do you use for SMART goal setting?

Do you track your long-term goals in OF or how? OF is great for tasks and projects, but maybe not so for goals. Or then I haven’t found out a good way to create/track them. I’d also love to have visual representation of goals, e.g. seeing visually that I should complete a book or some programmer training by some date (visually) would be powerful, or be able to track sub-goals for loosing weight. I know there are separate apps for these things, but would be great to have one. OF can show you lists of these things, but it’s not quite as motivating than seeing them visually.

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I used to (in 1993) work for a USAID contractor and the one thing that’s stuck with me is the hierarchy of objectives in LogFrame approaches to goals - see https://programs.online.american.edu/online-graduate-certificates/project-monitoring/resources/what-is-a-logframe . Long-term goals need to be broken down into projects, tasks, and objectively measurable indicators. OF is great for the task side, not so much for the indicators. But for me these are generally straight forward and external. In general though I think if I’ve identified the tangible steps and measures associated with a goal, the rest falls into place.

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OF can show you lists of these things, but it’s not quite as motivating than seeing them visually.

There are visual indicators underneath every project, if you assign an overdue date (the T in SMART) to a task. The indicators are also available in the review pane.

If you create multiple tasks with due dates for one goal (a project), the line of grey/yellow/red dots allow you to both see at a glance how far you are from attaining your goal and if you’re behind schedule.

I don’t think OF is where the overall goals sit. I use Curio and Tinderbox, but there are plant of other places. Many people use pen and paper, which I also use. I think trying to make all this work in OF would be more trouble than it’s worth

Maybe, but I think if OF implemented a concept of “virtual” groups or so, which would act as goals, then it would be doable. I now have my projects under Folders like Networking, Finance, etc. that provides a logical grouping. When it would be nice to have a virtual Goals groups to which projects could be attached to. I guess Tags might be used for this, but it’s not as nice…

I use MindNode for breaking down my horizons of focus and areas of responsibility. Make sure to review them every 6 months.

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OmniFocus can [track the tasks you need to do to achieve a goal][1], but that’s not the whole picture. I’ll also create a note in Evernote for reach goal; this has the big picture view, including the motivation for the goal. For habit goals, I’d also recommend using an app specifically designed to track habits.

[1] https://colterreed.com/how-to-reach-your-goals-using-omnifocus/

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