What does "bare reorganize right" refer to?

I must have missed something along the way. What does “Bare reorganize right ‘r’" refer to?

  • Outlining Keyboard Shortcuts — Bare reorganize right ‘r’ in the sidebar outline is now disabled if the operation would cause the item’s type to be converted and disappear from the sidebar.

It’s a quick way to indent the item, moving it to the right. It’s a “bare” r because you press ‘r’ with no modifier key (command, option, control).

There are several keyboard shortcuts you can use when an outline has your keyboard focus. For example, you can press Up or Down to move to the previous or next item, or you can press Space to complete an item. One of the shortcuts is a bare “r” key, which reorganizes the current item by indenting it under the previous item. We’ve disabled that in the sidebar in v2.5, because doing that in the project list would turn a project into an action inside that project.

You can still do that using the shortcut Command-] (for the Organize > Indent menu item), but no longer by just pressing the “r” key.

Ahh. Never knew that. Was always using cmd-]. Thanks.