What features do people most want in OmniFocus Web?

Given that based on previous years the Omni roadmap probably drops soon, what features do people most want for OFW.

For me it would be:

  1. Focus
  2. Perspectives
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  1. A web API with the ability to add actions with all their parameters (tags, dates, etc). I would use this for integration with other apps through Napier.
  2. Perspectives (edit: view only, not the rules editor)

If (1) was added I would subscribe to OF Web just for that backend capability; I use the Mac & iOS clients exclusively.

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I’d really like to be able to re-order and move projects/folders/tags.

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  • Multiple selection for bulk editing.
  • Click on tag to jump to that tag.
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Perspectives is the biggest one.

The ability to mostly just use the keyboard… keyboard shortcuts and tabbing around aren’t very good right now.

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Ability to select/edit multiple tasks. Also view deferred items in Forecast.

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Deferred in forecast is available now on the rest url: https://test.omnifocus.com/

Ability to set up my own Omnifocus web app on my own servers. I haven’t even looked to see if that is possible now but unless that was an option I won’t use it. Data security and privacy are my main concerns.

I remember there was an article about how OmniFocus Web works with regards security:


TLDR: if you use OmniFocus Web your data is stored unencrypted (for a “while”) on Omnis app servers for performance reasons.

I think they still support WebDav sync to your own server, this page refers to OmniFocus V3:


Sync is not the same as a web app that non-Mac folks can access. I already use my own WebDav server for syncing between multiple macs and iOS devices. Sync is a good start but I’d like the ability to run an Omni Server on my own system.

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Where? I can’t find it…Do you mean items with a future due date?

I’d like to see items with a deferred flag date.

The three biggest features I’d like to see are:

  • Perspectives
  • Search
  • Being able to organize (move projects between folders, move projects up and down in hierarchy, etc)
  • Search
  • Edit completion date (like in MacOS version, e.g. set a completion date in the past)
  • Copy tasks (like in MacOS: right-click or drop-down menu, or Command + C/V)
  • Edit “Repeat” section of a task
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Anyone have any insight if OFW will be improved anytime soon? I find you can’t even move projects around to new folders, not helpful for processing at all…


I believe it was mentioned from Ken that it would be another 6-8 weeks.


This would allow me to create tasks that my wife I can work on together.
(While waiting for real OmniFocus collaboration that is…)

There Should be nice layout short load time and attractive.

planning , and large number of projects highly accurate result OmniFocus. and omni is companion to mac