What file types sync?

If I attach a file to an outline - as an item, or in Notes - which file types will sync to OO for iPad?

I know that jpegs do, but text files and PDFs seem not to. Is there a list?

Everything contained in an .oo3 file will sync with OmniPresence. So, as long as the file is embedded it will sync.

Thanks, Derek - just to be clear: when you say “embed”, I can either drag a file into the outline on my Mac, OR use “Attach file”, yes?

Using the Attach File menu option gives you the choice to pick if you want to embed or link the file.

Dragging a file in should also embedded by default, though you may also get a prompt asking if you want to embed or link to the file. If you hold down the control key when you drop the file into the outline you should see an alias arrow icon on the file being dragged. That indicates you are creating a link instead of embedding.

Thank you.