What happened to choices of color for lines

I seem to remember that you used to be able to pick colors for lines (with specific names like marachino and spring green (that are around for my old files) however this option is gone in the newer version I think

what happened to these choices?

I think your question adresses the problem described here: How do I enable the Colored Pencils tab in the Color Picker on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6?

I clicked the link and omnigraffle says the value is set to 1 but pencil crayons are still unavailable for lines.

If you still have not had any luck with the link t_j provided, the solution to your problem is actually easier to fix than you may know. The system-wide Colors panel—or as it colloquially known, the Apple color picker—is one of those inherent features of macOS that Apple feels no need to explain; most Mac users are likely unaware of the full extent of the capabilities of macOS tools such as the Colors panel or Character Viewer. So, while The Omni Group disabled the Pencils tab in the Colors panel due to issues with macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra, those colors are still accessible through the Colors panel.

I will be using Apple’s terminology as per their Human Interface Guidelines, but nothing in the following procedure should be beyond your comprehension.

To access the pencil colors in the Colors panel:

  1. Select the Color Palettes tab in the Colors panel.
  2. Click the pop-up button in the upper pane of the Color Palettes tab where you will see the pre-defined color palettes that you can access.
  3. Select the Crayons color palette.
  4. The scroll list below the top pane will now show the colors in the Crayons color palette.

In Mac OS X, the Pencils tab was called the Crayons tab with the requisite appearance of the contents of a Crayola 48-color box. For whatever reason, likely unintended oversight, the Crayons color palette has never been renamed. The 48 colors you will see listed in the Color Palettes tab are the same colors you would see if the Pencils tab were it not deactivated.