What happened to the keyboard shortcuts for Insert Time Stamps? [See thread for instructions]

In the early versions of the private test releases, I recall the keyboard shortcuts to insert time stamps existed, but it hasn’t been in the releases for a while now. Is there some way to get the same functionality?

I use the mostly for tasks marked “Waiting” - when I get an update on the task, I insert the “short date” into the note field. I used to be able to do that with [command]-/


I always overcome the lack of built-in date/time stamps in many programs by using a text utility such as LaunchBar, Alfred, Typinator, or TextExpander. I also find it cumbersome trying to remember the command-key combo to invoke the date/time stamp in many programs. At least I have a consistent way of adding a date/time stamp with these external text utilities. These text utilities have saved me lots of time.

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You can assign your own keyboard shortcut to any menu item using System Preferences. Under Keyboard Preferences, click on App Shortcuts in the left column, then click the + button in the right column and you’ll be prompted to choose an app, a menu name, and a keyboard shortcut:

Hope this helps!


@kcase I was also having a problem with this in OF2, but your suggestion resolved it. Thanks!

I was missing that too, yet another thing that didn’t need removal. I had already done what @kcase had suggested, at least this way I can make it match evernote. Still seems like an unnecessary reduction in functionality from 1.0 for no gain…

Is that working for anyone? I set this up as an App Shortcut just as you described, and when I try executing it within OF2 I just get an error tone. I’ve checked to make sure there’s no conflicting shortcut using that same keyboard stroke, and there is none. I’ve opened up OF1 and executed it as before. Could it be that the OF2 shortcut is conflicting with that of OF1, and that I would need to delete OF1 out of Applications before it will work?

it worked for me though like I said I used the Evernote keystroke and have deleted OF1 for the time being.

Is it possible to configure a single shortcut for date+time stamp?


Yes. Just decide whether you want the short or long date format in your date/time stamp:

Then follow the instructions in the Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts section of the OmniFocus manual:

If you’d like to set up a keyboard shortcut for a menu item that doesn’t have one, open OS X System Preferences > Keyboard and choose the Shortcuts tab. Pick App Shortcuts from the list on the left, then press the plus button beneath.

Choose OmniFocus.app from the Application drop down list that appears, then enter the exact text of the menu command you’d like a shortcut for in the Menu Title field. Put your cursor in the Keyboard Shortcut field, then press the key combination you want for the shortcut. Finally, click Add to save your new custom shortcut.

Return to OmniFocus and give it a try!

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Thanks, Lizard. I tried that already and couldn’t get it to work. The problem was pairing the shortcut with a submenu command. I read the help instructions and fiddled with various permutations to make a command for a submenu item but nada.

What exact text for “Insert Time Stamp => Short Date” would you enter into the Menu Title in the shortcuts dialogue box?


It works for me… You’re doing something wrong

Hey thanks. I was doing something wrong, and now I’m doing something right!

Yes, these instructions worked for me.