What is "blocked" status?

In the View filters the filters show that “Remaining” includes “blocked” projects but “Available” does not. However I can’t find anywhere where something could be set to “blocked”. There is active, dropped, complete, on hold.

But how would something become “blocked”?

An action is blocked if it’s not the next available action in a sequential project/group. For example, if you had a sequential project called “Replace Filter in Furnace” that had the following actions:

Action 1 - Check type of furnace filter
Action 2 - Buy new filter
Action 3 - Replace filter

Initially only Action 1 would be available and Action 2 and Action 3 would be blocked. Once Action 1 is marked complete, Action 2 would become available and Action 3 would be blocked. And when Action 2 is completed, Action 3 would become available, removing any blocks.

I hope this helps…


yep got it. Thanks Tim.