What is needed to make an AppleScript available for Toolbar?

I like ‘View and Instantiate Templates’ a lot, and I’m glad that I can use it on the OF2 toolbar.

I also use “Defer” a lot but I can’t use it on toolbar. None of my other favorite scripts show up either. What is needed to make them usable on Toolbar?

If you go to Help > Open Scripts Folder are “Defer” or any of your other favorite scripts there?

Yes, and they work there, but I can’t put them on the toolbar the way I could with OF 1.

Rephrasing the question: Are your scripts in ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2 or in [root or home]/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniFocus?

When I put Defer.scpt in com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2 then I can put it on the toolbar but it does not appear in the scripts menu. When I put this or any other script in OmniFocus it appears in the scripts menu but I cannot put it on the toolbar.

I think OF1 allowed users to place scripts in OmniFocus onto the toolbar. OF2 does not, requiring us to the com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2 instead. OmniGroup attributes this change to Apple’s application sandboxing. So: What is the path to your scripts?

Are you using symlinks for that folder? That would explain the scripts not showing up.

So this is a substantial name/path change

Scripts/Applications/OmniFocus to
Application Scripts/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2

OK, I’m trying it…

OK, took a bit…

I put wrong name, to begin with. When I put my scripts into the correct OmniFocus2 directory, they started showing up in the ‘customize toolbar’. But they didn’t show up in the scripts directory.

Suspecting sandboxing may (still) be involved, even though my OF2 is not from the App Store, I created an alias OmniFocus in Library/Scripts/Applications pointing to com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2 rather than the reverse.

Now the same script files are accessible via both methods.


Oh no fail again!! New computer, symlinked my brains away and I can’t put scripts on the toolbar!

OSX Sierra fully patched
15" MBP 2015 16 gb memory 500 gb SSD

Can someone straighten me out?


Andrew Wolfe