What is OmniFocus all about?

can anybody let me know in brief what is onnifocus all about. I searched online it is only available for iphone ipad and mac not for android. android is having largest users nowadays why still is not available for android??? and if gonna vailable then when it will be available ?

The best task manager suite of applications for the best platform.

That’s my explanation, in brief.

If you want to know a bit more, you can go here, or even here.
About Android, you can read the very 1st sentence here.

Cheers ;)


Nice going, keeping it factual and non-offensive ;-)

I’d agree and maybe make it more obvious:

  • OmniFocus is one of the top level task managers out there
  • Your answer for the android release date is: never
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@andrespefia3 Welcome to the Omni forums. One of the quickest ways to get an overview of OmniFocus might be to watch the video here: http://www.omnigroup.com/omnifocus/

The Omni Group has made a deliberate choice to only develop apps for Mac and iOS. These are the platforms we enjoy developing for, and where we think we can create apps we can be most proud of. We have no plans to branch out into Android (or Windows).

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an unofficial Android app launched in May 2014 here:


Here is Omnigroup’s official response:


Good luck for those of you wanting to try it. But if Omnigroup makes changes to its database structure to accommodate new features, it will most probably break Quantus Tasks. Then you’ll have to wait until this third party developer updates its app to recognise the new format. Omnigroup is not able to provide support for Quantus Tasks.