What is that "Pro" all about?

Will there possibly be a “light” and a “pro” edition? (I just came across that when clicking on the OmniFocus menu.) Sounds like a good idea to me.

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Thanks! Yes, there will. Quoting from my blog post about the Debut of OmniFocus 2:

How much will OmniFocus 2 cost?

OmniFocus 1 has been very successful at its current price point of $79.99—and we think that’s been providing great value for its current target audience of professional customers. But with OmniFocus 2 being much more approachable, we think there’s also an opportunity to reach a wider audience who don’t need all of the Pro features from the current edition. So we’re going to offer two editions of OmniFocus 2:

The Standard edition of OmniFocus 2 will include all of the basic features which we’ve talked about above, and will cost $39.99.

The Pro edition of OmniFocus will offer the option of building custom workflows like OmniFocus 1 does today, with its support for Perspectives and AppleScript.

In free trial mode, you can open the App menu and choose different options from the “Free Trial Mode” submenu to get a sense of what it’s like to use Standard vs. Pro.

A few more relevant snippets of information about Pro from that blog post:

Will there be a discount for current owners of OmniFocus 1?

Yes, on our online store we’ll be offering a 50% discount to current customers of OmniFocus 1, whether you originally bought directly from us or through the App Store. This means that current customers will be able to upgrade to the Standard edition of OmniFocus 2 for $19.99, or to the Pro edition for $39.99.


What if I don’t own OmniFocus already? What should I buy today, and where should I buy it?

From now on, anyone who purchases OmniFocus 1 from our online store will receive a free upgrade to the Professional edition of OmniFocus 2 when it ships.

Thanks for asking!


Excellent, I have bought OmniFocus1 yesterday.

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Really appreciate Omni taking such great care of users of OmniFocus 1.

The single SKU to Standard/Pro model could have been painful and a frustrating loss of features. Instead, Omni gives half off, making it cheaper than the original price.

Thanks for being awesome you guys!

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I upgraded my OF1 license to a family license a month ago or so. What does upgrading look like for me?

@msalam I recommend you contact sales@omnigroup.com about your specific situation.