What is the best way to clear away the chaff

A recent post in Asian Efficiency’s new letter talked about a user that had a lot of projects and suggested putting all but the most important on hold or defer them.

What is the best way to get tasks/projects out of the way so that you can focus on the important projects. I did a mind dump and ended up with 1800 tasks. Now the trees are lost for the forest.

I was hoping to get some guidance before I spend the afternoon going down a path that is not optimal.


  1. Someone suggested a Context SomeDay Maybe, not sure how you then hid
  2. Should just place all of the tasks and projects on Hold. Can you
    make a task active that is in a project that is on hold?
  3. Just Defer them out knowing that they will pop up in the future and not be lost.

What do you recommend?



You might want to consider the Asian Efficiency Premium Omni Focus Course. I think it is $50-$60. After years of using OF in many different ways I finally broke down and bought it. It has made a huge difference and got me using a nice work flow. I highly recommend it if your having trouble with a efficient setup.

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The OmniFocus Premium Posts is an excellent source. There is also Creating Flow with OmniFocus from Kourosh Dini

or Tim Stringer’s OmniFocus course


or David Spark’s OmniFocus video guide


you can visit this as well


click on “Collected” and you will see links to blog posts.

I think you need to develop your own workflow. Take ideas from other people’s workflows and incorporate the bits that are appropriate for you. You can also adapt it to your style.